Our Objective

To have Thredbo Chamber of Commerce recognised as the premier organisation and forum for community, visitor and enterprise development, which has the ownership of all the Village’s stakeholders, providing its membership with a professional standard of service and communication that consistently exceeds the expectations of the community.

Our Purpose

The provision of a financially sustainable community and business development organisation which provides the framework for cohesive social and economic Village development.

Our Main Goals

  • The establishment and continued growth of a financially stable organisation which provides sustainable services to its membership.
  • The establishment of sound management policies, practices and processes which ensure a high degree of customer satisfaction and effective operations to members.
  • The creation of effective resources and facilities which will enable the Strategic and Business Plan objectives to be achieved.
  • The operation of Thredbo Chamber of Commerce services through effective teamwork, leadership and mutual support of all staff members, committee members and general members.
  • The development of a range of sound local products and services which meet identified Thredbo community, businesses and visitor expectations which includes a unified Village customer service and marketing strategy.
  • The development of the organisation which provides products and services to a range of diverse clients providing an acceptable return to the organisation.
  • The establishment of a process of rewards and recognition of member activities.
  • The facilitation of a range of business development services which enable local businesses to access knowledge and skill through in order to grow their enterprises.
  • The provision of leadership to establish the Chamber into a community structure which provides the strength and influence for the development of the Village in an ethical and socially acceptable way.